Sunshine on a rainy day

Sunshine on a rainy day
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After spending the weekend away from home, carrying out multiple physical challenges, I still managed to cycle to work. 

The 12 mile journey into work is quite refreshing and energising, setting me up for the day. The closer I get to town, the busier the traffic gets, almost to the point where I can’t see the end of the total gridlock. To make it quicker, I cycle between the two lanes of standstill traffic as there’s no room for me by the sidewalk. 

One car was still stood still while the traffic in front had moved on. I instantly thought “bloody driver playing on his phone!”. As I approached, I wasn’t wrong; he had his iPhone in his lap, watching porn. We shared a glance as I cycled past and left him with a disapproving shake of the head. 

Maybe this was his sunshine on a rainy day? Who knows, but whatever gets him through the day ahead. 

I’ll stick to cycling.