Back on it ??

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So it’s been a while since I last posted here, and many things have changed, while many things haven’t. The most important change has been my fitness and my ruining regime. With the 10peaks challenge next week, I really needed to get my arse into gear. 
So I created myself a 5 week mountain fit program that I’ll post more detail about soon. I’ve loosely followed it and I have noticed an increase in my fitness on the fells. 

I started the program on the 22nd of May, and you can instantly see the results based on my resting heartrate, as tracked through my FitBit. 

You can see from the image below before I started the program that my avg testing heartrate was around the 57bpm average. 

Once I started the program towards the end of May, you can see it start to fall (as continued by the image below)

I’m now averaging the low 50s since trying to get fit. I’m yet to bring it into the high 40s which is my main goal. After the 10 Peaks I’ll still maintain a fitness regime to bring this lower, especially with a few other smaller, faster races coming. 

I’m keen to see how I get on next Saturday and if we can beat our previous time of 16hrs!